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Customer involvement in industrial service portfolio development

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The digitalization of operations and supply chain management: Theoretical and methodological implications

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  Improved Bone Regeneration in Rabbit Bone Defects Using 3D Printed Composite Scaffolds Functionalized with Osteoinductive Factors

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Regulating Nature in Law Following Weak Anthropocentrism: Lessons for Intellectual Property Regimes and Environmental Ethics

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Multiscale structural characterization of biocompatible poly(trimethylene carbonate) networks photo-cross-linked in a solvent

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3D scaffolding of fast photocurable polyurethane for soft tissue engineering by stereolithography: Influence of materials and geometry on growth of fibroblast cells                     

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Integrating CSR with business strategy: A tension management perspective

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3D Printing in COVID-19: Productivity Estimation of the Most Promising Open Source Solutions in Emergency Situations    

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Towards national policy for open source hardware research: The case of Finland    

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Exploring values-based co-innovation in ecosystems through system dynamic group modelling  

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3D Printing: How an Emerging Technology May Help Fight a Pandemic

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Photo-crosslinked anhydride-modified polyester and –ethers for pH-sensitive drug release

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The Intellectual Property Implications of the Development of Industrial 3D Printing        

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Paving the way for the Environment – Channeling ‘Strong’ Sustainability into the European IP System   

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Service Levels in Make-to-Order Production: 3D Printing Applications

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Design-dependent shrinkage compensation modeling and mechanical property targeting of metal FFF    

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Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Cultural Heritage – Balancing Interests via a User-Centric Approach

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Developing Advanced Functional Polymers for Biomedical Applications                     

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Additive Manufacturing of Bioactive Poly(trimethylene carbonate)/β-Tricalcium Phosphate Composites for Bone Regeneration

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Developing Novel Property Concepts in Private Law to Foster the Circular Economy     

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Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Supply Chain Complexity 

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Effects of water soaking-drying cycles on thermally modified spruce wood-plastic composite

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Editorial corner – A personal view : can biopolymers act as antiviral agents?       

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Sami Identity and Traditional Livelihood Practices: From Non-Indigenous to Indigenous Food Frameworks

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Rethinking the actor in service research: toward a processual view of identity dynamics    


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In the service of a higher good : Resilience of academics under managerial control            

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Sami Food Practices and Traditional Ecological Knowledge” in Sustainable governance and management of food systems: Ethical perspectives                     

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